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Budete potřebovat útulnou stejně jako tato Veganská lasagnová klobásová polévka!⁣ Určitě ano! ing…

You’ll need to cozy as much as this Vegan Lasagna Sausage Soup!☺️🥣⁣ I positive do!

The elements are minimal and easy, however the soup is hearty and flavorful! I hope you give this one a strive! Hope you’ve gotten an exquisite Wednesday mates!💚⁣

🌱1 shallot small diced⁣
🌱three garlic minced⁣
🌱1 1/2 cup child Bella mushroom small chopped stems included⁣
🌱Past meat Italians sausage sliced⁣
🌱28 ouncescan petite diced ⁣
🌱5 cups of vegetable broth⁣
🌱6 lasagna noodles damaged up – oven prepared ones⁣
🌱1 tsp every of basil and oregano ⁣
🌱Salt and pepper to style⁣

Dry sauté shallot till tender, add garlic for a minute ed by mushrooms and sausage sauté till sausage browns and mushrooms smooth. Add tomatoes, broth and seasoning and ring to a simmer for about 5-10 min. Lastly add the lasagna noodles and simmer on low till noodles develop into smooth and able to eat. Add salt and pepper to style.⁣

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