Snídaňové recepty

Recept (vyrobí čtyři rohlíky) – 3-Čtyři šálky vařené sushi rýže (nebo použijte lepkavou/rychlozrnnou/…

Recipe (makes Four rolls)⁣
– 3-Four cups cooked sushi rice (or use sticky/quick grain/black rice)⁣
– 7oz (200g) agency tofu – drained, pressed & mashed⁣
– 1 cup (140g) chopped Gailan stems (or use kale/broccoli/sautéed greens)⁣
– 1 piece YouTiao (or use fried wonton skins, croutons, saltine crackers)⁣
– 1/2 cup (80g) salted preserved dried radish (or use pickles/relish)⁣
– 1/2 cup finely shredded purple cabbage (or use greens of selection)⁣
– 1 tablespoon soy sauce/tamari⁣
– a drizzle of darkish soy sauce for coloration (non-compulsory)⁣
– toasted sesame seeds⁣
– oil for cooking, salt to style⁣

✅To organize the salted preserved radish, soak them in chilly water for 30 minutes, then rinse. Sauté them in a pan with some oil for 1 min, season with 1/2 teaspoon sugar (omit if utilizing sweetened dried radish/skip this step if utilizing pickles)⁣
✅To make the tofu, warmth a non-stick pan with Three teaspoons oil, sauté mashed tofu till golden brown & season with soy sauce. Put aside.⁣ Utilizing the identical pan, sauté Gailan stems till totally cooked by way of & season with salt. Put aside.⁣
✅Reduce YouTiao into 3-inch lengthy & bake at 350F till crispy, about 5-Eight minutes. ⁣
To make the stuffed rice rolls, sprinkle sesame seeds on a wrapped sushi mat/fabric & place about 1 cup of rice in the midst of the floor. Utilizing a spatula, flatten it out into a skinny layer (if utilizing your arms, make sure you moist your arms to stop the rice from sticking to them).⁣ Add a heaping spoon of tofu, then prime with YouTiao, Gailan stems & preserved radish.⁣
✅To wrap, carry either side of the rice to the center & press to seal by protecting the fillings intact. (consider the way you wrap a sweet) Then, twist each ends a number of instances so the rice roll is packed like a log. Tip: Switch roll to a wrap, tighten & preserve it wrapped whereas chopping or serving😊

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